AMS has spent decades of research and development to bring the best quality products to the industry, and now give clients an alternative when it comes to delivering the best possible patient care. AMS ProForm [formerly C-Core Medical] brings exceptional fabric body forms and surgical covering products that are widely used in hospitals, surgery centers and physician offices throughout the U.S. and also internationally. A growing, dynamic leader in this niche, AMS ProForm consistws of fabric products that are the top-level result of a combination of rigorous testing, clinical feedback, and commitment to providing clients and patients with the finest procedural forms in the industry.


The Best in Quality and Performance

The AMS ProForm product line is manufactured using double layers of fabric that are fused together and then stamped out in a specific pattern according to the type and size of product being made. The fused seam is consistent around the entire aperture and is impervious to opening on the edges. The integrity of AMS ProForm products gives our clients the ability to perform medical/surgical procedures without risk of fabric breakdown or layer separation that can lead to trapping or pooling of fluids mid-procedure.

Form Products

AMS ProForm products are available in sterile and non-sterile options, for a wide variety of disciplines and uses in clinical and medical/surgical care. Click on any of the sections below to view AMS ProForm procedural | surgical gown, drape, and covering options by type of practice.