AMS proudly produces with high-level refinement our custom procedure trays and packs through our AMS ProPack division. AMS ProPack offers clients completely customizable procedure trays and packs that contain quality surgical products and materials, with full allowance to make component adjustments, sterilized using a process that is fast and reliable, at a level of cost-efficiency and timeliness in delivery that our clients can trust.

AMS experts develop innovative methods to create entirely custom procedural trays | packs and surgical forms that answer to nearly any medical need. We pride ourselves in designing special products and component combinations that give clients every necessary tool at their fingertips and confidence in providing exceptional care to patients. AMS has a process of preparing quotes and sending out product samples within one week [non-sterile samples within two weeks]. We provide relevant information and give best recommendations in a timely manner so clients will be able to make swift, informed decisions. AMS gives seamless access to product combinations perfectly suited to clients’ practices, extending the highest level of care to all patients.

Custom Procedure Trays and Packs

AMS is recognized as an industry leader in custom procedure tray manufacturing and distribution. Our kits are used in a wide variety of surgical procedures:


  • Opthalmic
  • Orthopedic
  • Neurology
  • Cardiovascular
  • Hand
  • Foot|ankle
  • Vascular
  • Pain
  • Urology
  • OB|GYN

      We have access to all major medical-surgical suppliers, and this allows us to provide our clients with intelligent component solutions that match their specifications.  AMS has the ability to work with nationally branded vendors as well as sourced components as possible alternatives.  We are accustomed to recommending cost-saving alternatives upon request for providers interested in quality products at a reduced cost.

      Quote and Sample Process

      After working with our clients, AMS has a process of preparing quotes and sending out product samples. Quote preparation ranges from 7 to 10 business days from submission. Upon quote approval, a non-sterile sample request will be submitted that will take between 10 to 14 business days to produce. Throughout the quoting and sampling process, AMS gives seamless access to product combinations perfectly suited to clients’ practices, extending the highest level of care to all patients.

      No Auto Subbing

      Unlike our competitors AMS will not auto sub product without permission from our customers.  AMS knows that the surgical staff counts on the kit components being 100% every time.  In the event components are not available, rather than auto subbing, AMS will reach out to the customer so that we can work together on a resolution.

      Accelerated Pack Changes

      We at AMS fully understand that flexibility in component changes are often necessary in the refinement of custom procedure trays. Due to our advanced sterilization process and high level of production standards and commitments, AMS ProPack implements your pack changes within a very short timeframe.

      Diagnostic Procedure Packs

      AMS offers diagnostic trays | packs for procedures, which contain provisions that enable medical professionals to take the patient through the steps with optimum ease and comfort:


      • Amniocentesis tray
      • Lumbar puncture tray
      • Arthrogram tray
      • Biopsy tray

      Other Non-sterile | Turnover Kits

      AMS kits come with the following components:


      • Impervious drape sheet
      • Lift sheet
      • Mophead
      • Arm board covers with straps
      • Clear, red, and blue drawstring bags
      • Small red drawstring bag
      • Absorbent towels

      Admission Kits

      AMS admission kits are customizable and we can help clients design a unique kit that works best for specific practices, patients, and processes.

      Contract Packaging and Sterilization

      AMS has experience in packaging and sterilization capabilities and vast knowledge in all facets of Ethylene Oxide [EtO] sterilization. As a surgical pack manufacturer, we utilize a variety of packaging materials. AMS uses ethylene oxide gas, a more friendly sterilant than gamma sterilization, which can make certain plastics brittle.

      AMS sterilization processes have:


      • Food and Drug Administration [FDA] registration
      • International Organization for Standardization [ISO] 13485 certification
      • ‘Current Good Manufacturing Practices’ [cGMP] compliance
      • Competitive pricing including small batch runs
      • Unlimited batch quantity sterilization
      • Distribution resources available to reduce delivery time and cost
      • Ethylene Oxide Processing [EtO] sterilization programs and cycle development available
      • Protocol development assistance
      • Preconditioning and aeration rooms
      • Process and product flow confirmations providing clear separation of processed and unprocessed products
      • Adherence to Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation [AAMI] and ISO sterilization standards